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  O b r ó b k a   m e c h a n i c z n a

          GANZ Jacek Czyżewski
          Ul. Fabryczna 10
          53-609 Wrocław

Tel. 071 356 52 22
Fax. 071 354 43 05
Historia firmy GANZ

Track record

The company started its business activity in 1998 as a one-man company offering machining services. Due to systematic investments in machines and employees, since 2005 the company has significantly developed by extending the scope of services, improving quality and delivery time. In 2007 the operation was moved to a 1300 m2 workshop. Currently we have modern machinery park, we employ over 30 skilled, experienced workers and we occupy the area of 2100 m2. In 2008, Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2001 was implemented.

Our strategy is to anticipate and satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients. The strategy is accomplished by manufacturing and selling competitive, high quality products and services. The experience of our employees, know-how, machinery park, close co-operation between our technologists and the customer, already in the early stage of machining, prototyping, quick delivery time and continuous improvement belong in particular to the advantages of the company.